var_dump($x); strlen($var); echo "Hello world!"); // outputs 12 str_word_count($var); echo str_word_count("Hello world!"); // outputs 2 echo strrev("Hello world!"); // outputs !dlrow olleH echo strpos("Hello world!", "world"); // outputs 6 echo str_replace("world", "Dolly", "Hello world!"); // outputs Hello Dolly! date("H"); // count($cars) // CAN BE USED FOR ARRAYS PHP 5 Filesystem Functions Function Description basename() Returns the filename component of a path chgrp() Changes the file group chmod() Changes the file mode chown() Changes the file owner clearstatcache() Clears the file status cache copy() Copies a file delete() See unlink() or unset() dirname() Returns the directory name component of a path disk_free_space() Returns the free space of a directory disk_total_space() Returns the total size of a directory diskfreespace() Alias of disk_free_space() fclose() Closes an open file feof() Tests for end-of-file on an open file fflush() Flushes buffered output to an open file fgetc() Returns a character from an open file fgetcsv() Parses a line from an open file, checking for CSV fields fgets() Returns a line from an open file fgetss() Returns a line, with HTML and PHP tags removed, from an open file file() Reads a file into an array file_exists() Checks whether or not a file or directory exists file_get_contents() Reads a file into a string file_put_contents() Writes a string to a file fileatime() Returns the last access time of a file filectime() Returns the last change time of a file filegroup() Returns the group ID of a file fileinode() Returns the inode number of a file filemtime() Returns the last modification time of a file fileowner() Returns the user ID (owner) of a file fileperms() Returns the permissions of a file filesize() Returns the file size filetype() Returns the file type flock() Locks or releases a file fnmatch() Matches a filename or string against a specified pattern fopen() Opens a file or URL fpassthru() Reads from an open file, until EOF, and writes the result to the output buffer fputcsv() Formats a line as CSV and writes it to an open file fputs() Alias of fwrite() fread() Reads from an open file fscanf() Parses input from an open file according to a specified format fseek() Seeks in an open file fstat() Returns information about an open file ftell() Returns the current position in an open file ftruncate() Truncates an open file to a specified length fwrite() Writes to an open file glob() Returns an array of filenames / directories matching a specified pattern is_dir() Checks whether a file is a directory is_executable() Checks whether a file is executable is_file() Checks whether a file is a regular file is_link() Checks whether a file is a link is_readable() Checks whether a file is readable is_uploaded_file() Checks whether a file was uploaded via HTTP POST is_writable() Checks whether a file is writeable is_writeable() Alias of is_writable() lchgrp() Changes group ownership of symlink lchown() Changes user ownership of symlink link() Creates a hard link linkinfo() Returns information about a hard link lstat() Returns information about a file or symbolic link mkdir() Creates a directory move_uploaded_file() Moves an uploaded file to a new location parse_ini_file() Parses a configuration file parse_ini_string() Parses a configuration string pathinfo() Returns information about a file path pclose() Closes a pipe opened by popen() popen() Opens a pipe readfile() Reads a file and writes it to the output buffer readlink() Returns the target of a symbolic link realpath() Returns the absolute pathname realpath_cache_get() Returns realpath cache entries realpath_cache_size() Returns realpath cache size rename() Renames a file or directory rewind() Rewinds a file pointer rmdir() Removes an empty directory set_file_buffer() Sets the buffer size of an open file stat() Returns information about a file symlink() Creates a symbolic link tempnam() Creates a unique temporary file tmpfile() Creates a unique temporary file touch() Sets access and modification time of a file umask() Changes file permissions for files unlink() Deletes a file -------------------------------------------------------------- form elements -------------------------------------------------------------- Name: E-mail: Website: Comment: Gender: Female Male
"> $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] // is a super global variable that returns the filename of the currently executing script. title title